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How 15 Minutes Turned into $3,000

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How 15 Minutes Turned into $3,000

You're an MSP and it's the end of the month, what do you do?  You reconcile your billing, of course.

Sure you'd probably rather be doing almost anything else...watching paint dry, letting people cut in line at the post office, folding your socks.  Let's face it, most of us would rather be hanging out with friends, soaking up some rays, or binge-watching flamingo documentaries.  (Okay that last one might just be us.)

But what if we told you that an MSP managed their reconciliation in 15 minutes and discovered $3,000 in unpaid revenue while doing it? We know what you're thinking, did they find a magic wand or something? Better. They discovered the Gradient billing module.  A billing solution that removes tab chaos and reconciles your billing with just a few clicks. You get paid for everything you do and it doesn't take you days to figure out!

The Challenge

Meet ProdigyTeks. They didn’t have a single pane view of client usage and service consumption, making monthly billing time-consuming and difficult to accurately reconcile. The lack of visibility resulted in some clients not being billed for consumed services, so revenue was slipping through the cracks.

With the goals of expanding their business and hiring new talent in mind, ProdigyTeks wanted to find ways to increase operational efficiency so new team members could get up to speed quickly and
focus on customer service — not billing reconciliation. 

The Solution

When founder and CEO, Paco Lebron, first heard of Gradient’s billing module, he knew he had to try it.
It took five minutes for ProdigyTeks to connect their PSA to the Gradient platform and within 10 minutes, they synced vendor services to actual client usage. Right away, they could see areas in their current billing process that could be corrected by using Gradient’s automated billing reconciliation.

The Result

Within minutes of connecting with Gradient, ProdigyTeks identified $3,000 in unbilled services. Multiply that by 12 months, and you have a staggering loss of revenue to the tune of $36,000.  But they didn’t just save money — they’ve also saved the time and resources spent every month on billing reconciliation — knocking it down from several days to just a few hours.

As Paco Lebron, puts it, “The first time I saw Gradient’s billing module, I was so impressed. I finally saw a tool that could help bridge the gap for my office manager to place two and two together on our billing. Not only does it provide a simpler view of what we need to bill, but how profitable I will be when tightening up our billing process. I had to tell Gradient take my money, and take my money now!”

By streamlining this major part of their business, ProdigyTeks can now focus on other important things. They were able to hire new staff more quickly,  accelerate new product offerings, and be in a better position to pivot quickly to meet the ever-expanding business needs of their clients—bottom line, the potential for greater revenue is vastly increased.

Want to learn more about Gradient's game-changing solutions and how we can help you save time and recover lost revenue, visit us today!

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