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Simple pricing that's sure to fit your budget.

Pay month-to-month or save 10% when you pay for a full year.

All prices in USD


Get 10% discount when you pay annually.

Billing & Alerts Basic

$ 0 /mo

$ 0 /mo*

Billing Pro

$149 /mo

$134 /mo*

Alerts Pro

$149 /mo

$134 /mo*

Synchronize usage data direct from vendors
Intuitively review and approve changes
Quick and easy write-back to your PSA
See instant insights on revenue and profitability per service
CSV import - import usage data from any CSV and save profiles for future use
Map services and vendor solutions to preferred service boards in PSA
Automatically create standardized service tickets in PSA from alerts
Standard Alerts Integrations
Standard Billing Integrations
Premium Alerts Integrations
Premium Billing Integrations
* Annual pricing requires paying the full year in advance.

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Which PSAs do you support?

We currently support the following PSAs:

  • ConnectWise Manage
  • Datto Autotask PSA
  • Kaseya BMS
  • Syncro
  • Pulseway
  • HaloPSA
  • Accelo
  • Tigerpaw
  • CloudBlue

Is the free version really FREE?

Yes, we assure you it's completely free, no strings attached. The Gradient platform is free because we believe you should be able to use the product and experience the value before deciding if a higher tier is right for you.

Are there any hidden or additional costs?

We promise there are no hidden costs.

As we expand the platform and support additional product integrations and automation opportunities there will be incremental costs, but we will only charge for things you can realize net new value from.

How do I know my data is secure?

The security and privacy of your data is our #1 priority. 

To that end, Gradient MSP is SOC 2 Type 2 certified, GDPR compliant, and HIPAA compliant. Learn more about our approach to security and request a copy of our security statement.

What if I make a mistake while reconciling?

Hey, you're only human... right?!  People make mistakes, and we understand that. 

With our real-time activity log, you have the ability to reverse any and all reconciliation transactions as if it never happened.

Why aren't more vendors like Gradient?

Well shucks, thanks for the compliment!

While we build and sell products to MSPs, we don't really consider ourselves a vendor.  We are a participant in the managed services market just like you, and are here to do our part in making the IT channel the best place it can be.

  • "We found and corrected two clients whose user counts were not up to date with their contract – one of which we hadn’t charged correctly for four or five years. We were only charging them for nine users when there were actually 24! The Synthesize billing module helped us catch it and we've since gone through and audited everything. Now, we're billing for the work that we're doing and for the number of users and devices we're supporting, and we're not waiting six months or three years to go in and update that. Our bottom line immediately improved."
    Michael Kanet
    - President at ITernal Networks, LLC
  • "Gradient MSP's mission to help MSPs grow through data and billing integrations is very exciting. We're excited to be part of Gradient MSP's Synthesize integration program and open API platform."
    Art Gross
    - CEO, Breach Secure Now
  • "The first time I saw Billable I was so impressed. I finally saw a tool that could help bridge the gap for my office manager to place two and two together on our billing. Not only does it provide a simpler view on what we need to bill, but how profitable I will be when tightening up our billing process. I had to tell Gradient take my money, and take my money now!"
    Paco Lebron
    - Founder & CEO at ProdigyTeks
  • "From what I've seen, this solution will save us a days' worth of work every month to reconcile our user support and CSP quantities, and that's just with the first phase. As more integrations fall into place it will save us even more time so we can focus on further improving our business."
    Tony Tarhan
    - Technical Strategist at Rightsize Technology
  • "Billable will easily save us hours of frustrating work and recover who knows how much revenue that we haven't been billing. What's even more, is that it helps me with due diligence to have a full understanding of what services we are or are not delivering to our clients. Without that knowledge we could be exposed from a breach of contract perspective, and our clients could be exposed from a security perspective.
    Brian Weiss
    - CEO at ITECH Solutions
  • "Billable is the greatest product designed for MSPs to ease their frustration in billing. It not only gives time back to the MSP but also provides a tool that will allow them to get paid for the services they perform. The time saving and correct contract invoicing that this solution delivers is above and beyond any other solution in the market. Gradient understands the MSP and the pain they have in reconciliation between invoices and contracts. Gradient has taken this frustration and made into something positive."
    Patrick Murphy
    - VP of Sales & Marketing at ISG Technology