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How Accuracy and Confidence in Your Tech Stack Can Supercharge Your Growth

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How Accuracy and Confidence in Your Tech Stack Can Supercharge Your Growth

Indulge us as we delve into how Gradient goes beyond mere billing to revolutionize your tech stack. But first, let's take a moment to appreciate the insightful predictions from Canalys analyst Jay McBain, who paints a picture of robust growth in worldwide IT spending, despite the challenging global landscape.

Canalys predicts a whopping 6.2% growth in worldwide IT spending in 2024, reaching a staggering US$4.94 trillion. Yes, you read that right - trillion with a "T"! This growth, double that of the predicted world economy, showcases the resilience and importance of the tech industry in driving global progress.

Canalys predicts IT spend to increase 6% to US$ 4.9 trillion in 2024

Canalys full analysis:

Tech stack usage insights are crucial for optimizing resource allocation and identifying areas for improvement. Imagine having real-time visibility into how your tech stack is consumed and utilized, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive efficiency and innovation, not to mention revenue growth. Cost management is another key aspect. By having access to detailed cost breakdowns across different categories and services,  you would be empowered to optimize spending through consolidation and allocate resources more effectively, ultimately boosting your bottom line.

By analyzing performance metrics and identifying bottlenecks, you can streamline your operations and enhance productivity.

This is all where Gradient comes in to provide you with everything we described plus insights into product categories, helping you understand which products are driving profitability and where there's room for growth.

Imagine this: You're scaling your operations, expanding your client base, and offering new products. Amidst all this excitement, the last thing you need is errors in over or under deployment (or misbillings) causing confusion and eroding client trust. That's where a robust stack intelligence platform comes in, ensuring your operation is healthy, that every agreement is in compliance for services deployed, and that every invoice is accurate, transparent, and delivered on time.

Channel partners, as highlighted by Canalys, are the backbone of the tech industry, accounting for a whopping 73.2% of the total IT market in 2024. These partners need to rely on tech stack accuracy and confidence to streamline their operations, manage finances effectively, and deliver top-notch services to their clients.

In conclusion, Gradient is more than just a "billing tool" - it's a comprehensive solution that offers insights into every aspect of your tech stack. With Canalys predicting significant growth in IT spending, now is the time to invest in a tool that can maximize your efficiency and give you the advantage in capturing your share of that spend.

Until next time, stay tech-savvy and stack-obsessed!


The Gradient Advantage

Gradient MSP's StackTracker™ is powered by a comprehensive integration catalogue, AI-driven analysis, and trend tracking - StackTracker is the ultimate solution for growth-focused MSPs.

  • Real-time Client & Vendor insights: Access up-to-date information on client usage, vendor spend, earnings, and more.
  • Identify Gaps & Opportunities: Track and identify gaps in stack adoption to optimize client fulfillment as a growth lever.
  • Business Tuning Recommendations: Leverage AI-driven analysis and recommendations based on performance trending to drive profitable growth.

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