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If you own a car or truck, you wash it. It’s just a fundamental thing. But did you ever think about why you wash your car?

A clean car doesn’t drive any faster than a dirty car. The stereo doesn’t sound better. If it’s a Tesla, the fart noises are just as funny whether it’s dirty or clean.

So why do you wash your car?

You wash your car because of how it makes you feel. When your car is shiny, polished and looking its best, it makes you feel like a million bucks. It reflects on you as a person. Other people see it, too. Your confidence is that much higher.

Here’s the kicker. When you feel better, your car does seem to sound a little better, drive a little smoother, and go a little faster. If you have a car that farts, you roll the window down so everybody can hear.

It’s the same thing with your MSP

When things are running smoothly, the sun shines a little brighter. The birds sing a little louder. You go home to your family feeling refreshed. You can actually think about a vacation and not feel weird about it.

Keeping your MSP clean isn’t about hiring better janitors. It’s about making sure that the information that’s in your PSA is correct, complete and up-to-date. This holds true whether you work out of your PSA, or if you sync into your documentation solution. Either way, it’s the same data and prone to the same types of dirty data.

But man, oh man, cleaning that dirty data feels good. If you fix an error today, you avoid a bad decision tomorrow. If you update a record today, you avoid tearing your hair out looking for it tomorrow. If you tidy your data today when the pressure is off, you don’t even care if someone rolls a flaming dumpster into your office tomorrow.

Because you’re ready for it.

Running a clean, orderly, tight ship of an MSP is the same feeling as cruising down the street in a beautiful shiny car. Except that instead of feeling like a million bucks, you might actually be saving a few.

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