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Synthesize™ Brings the Excitement to the IT Channel

This level of excitement and interest in such a short time is a testament to the fundamental challenge we are solving for the IT channel. Both MSPs and vendors have been dreaming of this type of solution for years."  - Colin Knox

Synthesize™ was created for the purpose of providing vendors with an open ecosystem platform that simplifies vendor integrations and reconciles the billing and revenue capture challenges around everything-as-a-service for MSPs and technology solution providers throughout the globe. 

It is a direct result of Colin Knox's own experience during his time as CEO and founder of Passportal,  experiencing many of the challenges firsthand. Colin was motivated to provide solutions offering freedom of choice in the industry and enabling channel vendors to accelerate their time to market.

Gradient’s Synthesize launched just a little over a month ago to provide the industry with a comprehensive vendor integration program. The program has gained momentum in the IT channel with 60 vendors signing on in that short time. 60 vendors mean the addition of over 80 products that can be integrated with the 8 PSAs Gradient currently supports, providing integration and automation for a collective MSP/Reseller partner base of more than 250,000 through the existing base of resellers of the participating vendors. 

Synthesize is the IT channel’s first and only open vendor integration program and platform built to optimize the MSP business model, and it’s free! A game-changer by every definition. 

The program addresses two of the biggest challenges in the industry. The expenditure of time and the costs associated with that time. 

  • Synthesize simplifies the PSA integration process by automatically connecting with 8 of the most popular PSAs on the market. 
  • And it reconciles everything-as-a-service as part of the automated Billable monthly recurring revenue cycle 

As new features and PSAs are added to the Gradient API, your integration will automatically update. This will save on the time it takes to maintain and develop new integrations. You will also see an immediate reduction in the cost of R&D as the need for individual PSA integration becomes unnecessary. Did we mention that it’s free? Yep, integrating into the Gradient API will cost you absolutely nothing!

The Implementation Process

The Gradient Technology Alliance Team is available through the entire implementation process, making it a pain-free experience.

  • Dedicated support to answer questions and help streamline the process
  • Documentation and training
  • End-to-end integration management
  • Automated updates of existing and new PSA products as they become available

The Synthesize Advantage

  • Joint marketing initiatives with a dedicated webinar to announce integration to the MSP community
  • Promotion on Gradient’s website
  • Access to a member portal where you can manage your profile
  • A branded press release template to share the news
  • A “supported PSA” logo for your website to help with your promotion efforts
  • End of year event to network with other vendors
  • Welcome package containing custom swag

Synthesize is being embraced by key players in the industry as the solution to their integration headaches.

Now is the time to get on board and take advantage of the unique benefits of the Synthesize program. To learn more about Synthesize™ and sign up for the program click here.

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