How Much Revenue Are You Leaking?

In this blog post, Gradient explores revenue leak owing to the manual way of doing billing reconciliation.

How Much Revenue Are You Leaking?
Gradient MSP

Gradient MSP

Do want to get paid for everything you do? 

I’m guessing the answer is yes. You love tech and you love helping people with their tech but unless it’s your mom, you’re not here to help people with their tech for free. 

The problem is making sure that you know everything you’re doing, and are billing for it. If you’re doing your billing reconciliation manually then you probably don’t, and aren't. 

Why You're Leaking Revenue

Manual billing reconciliation is a messy process. Tabs are open everywhere. There’s no way to see what you’ve done and what you haven’t done. It’s a tedious task and you’re bound to get distracted. And if you try to do it in a distraction-free environment that means working late at night, on the weekend, probably when you’re tired and not your best.  

Or maybe you just hate billing reconciliation so much that you don’t do it every month. Either way, you're likely leaking revenue somewhere along the way and the problem can be traced back to the horrible way that you have to do billing reconciliation. 

The Grim Statistics

We’ve talked to MSPs of different sizes and they all have a number. Whether it’s in dollars, pounds, euros, crowns, or rand, everybody’s losing out on revenue.

At one larger MSP, it was a service they’d provided for a client for 18 months. They had missed out on $3500 per month for a year-and-a-half, so $63,000 total. One service, one client. Real money. 

Another MSP missed out on 50 MFA licenses. That oversight cost them $3600.  

A rough estimate based on our conversations is somewhere between 3% - 10% of total revenue. That’s revenue for which you’re paying costs, and services for which you’re providing support. 

How to Get Paid for Everything You Do  

I have a feeling you’d like to keep all the fish you catch. That means sewing up the holes in your net. One of the best ways to get paid for everything you do is to understand everything that you do, and bill for it. 

Gradient Billable™ gets you there. By making billing reconciliation easy, you have better visibility into everything you’re being charged for, which puts you in a better position to get paid for all of it.  

No more revenue leak. No more finding out six months later you forgot to charge for something.  

If you want to learn more about Billable, push the button below and take a gander ↓

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