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Gradient MSP grows integration inventory on the Synthesize platform, welcomes YouAttest to Billing and Mailprotector to Alerts

March 1, 2023 (Calgary, Alberta) – Gradient’s Synthesize platform continues to expand its integration library for MSPs (Managed Services Providers) with new integrations from YouAttest and Mailprotector announced today.

“This is such a good-news story for MSPs – new integrations not only expand the options MSPs have to make their back-offices function more effectively, but they further demonstrate the confidence that the vendor community has in the value Synthesize offers their partners,” says Colin Knox, CEO and Co-Founder of Gradient MSP. “We’re excited to welcome YouAttest to the Billing family and welcome Mailprotector back to the platform with their Alerts integration.”

YouAttest simplifies billing for its identity governance products

YouAttest® is the fastest “Time-to-Value” IGA product especially designed to conduct User Access Reviews for identity compliance and security. For MSPs with customers in the healthcare, defense, or other sectors with high identity security and compliance demands, it’s the solution they’ve been waiting for – and one their customers need.

YouAttest expands the reach of its solution for MSPs by partnering with Gradient. Combining its powerful governance management platform and Gradient’s simplified Billing module allows MSPs to expand their service offerings, supporting customers without adding painful overhead to the business.

"MSPs have left too much money on the table by leaving identity security and identity governance to the SIs. That day is over. YouAttest delivers simplified IGA for the MSPs," states Garret Grajek, CEO of YouAttest.

“Adding integrations with security companies like YouAttest adds tremendous value to our partners. We look forward to working with them,” adds Colin Knox.


Register to attend a deep-dive webinar with newest Gradient and YouAttest. Join us March 16, 2023 at 8 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. ET Register now

Mailprotector expands its Synthesize presence with new Alerts integration

Mailprotector is well-known in the channel for its email security and encryption platform that offers MSPs a wide range of valuable services to make available to their partners. The company was one of the first vendors to integrate on the Synthesize platform; adding more opportunity for their partners to find value in Synthesize was an easy choice.

“When we see vendors expanding their presence on Synthesize, we know we’re on the right path, making MSPs’ lives easier, and helping vendors differentiate their businesses for those MSPs. Win-win!” says Colin Knox.

Synthesize: the back-office platform of choice for MSPs

Gradient created the Synthesize platform to help MSPs spend less time on the back-office tasks of billing reconciliation and alert monitoring, and more time growing and strengthening their business. The Synthesize platform is trusted by more than 830 MSP companies to streamline their back-office operations. It currently integrates with 15 vendors with new vendors added to the platform regularly.

Vendors see value in integrating with Synthesize

Vendors are lining up to join the Synthesize program for a simple reason: when they integrate with Synthesize, they immediately integrate with top PSAs in the channel:

Billing PSA integrations Alerts PSA integrations
Connectwise Manage
Datto Autotask PSA
Kaseya BMS
Connectwise Manage
Datto Autotask PSA
Kaseya BMS

(with additional PSAs coming soon)

With so many available PSA connections available, the platform instantly expands the MSPs who can use and resell the services offered by vendors without restricting choice.

Billing Module saves time and recovers money for MSPs

MSPs using the Billing module can save 10+ hours in the first month of using the platform – and discover an average of $1,200 MRR that they’ve been leaving on the table. That’s revenue earned but unrecovered from customers. Between the time (and money) saved by automating reconciliation and the value of revenue recovered, MSPs are stronger, more financially resilient, and have more time to focus on providing value to their customers when they use Synthesize.

Alerts Module unlocks simplified alert automation 

The automation offered by the Alerts Module simplifies another process that is often manual and can be error prone: alerts monitoring. No more monitoring multiple consoles, email addresses and more to stay on top of the alerts your vendors generate. Instead, MSPs can now see the alerts that are relevant to them, in a standardized format, all within their PSA, which can then be easily converted to tickets as required. Automating alert triage changes the game for MSPs – no more alert fatigue, no more calls from customers about missed alerts.


Get started with the Synthesize platform at no cost to connect to a standard Billing integration like YouAttest’s or a standard Alerts integration like Mailprotector’s. Want to really leverage the power of Synthesize? Step up to a Pro plan for $149/month USD to access unlimited standard and premium integrations from a growing library of top vendors in the IT channel.  Learn more on our pricing page.

About YouAttest

YouAttest offers the best cloud-based identity auditing tools that can help in identity access management. They offer a multi-tenanted portal where an MSP can act as the risk manager to conduct access reviews for their client. This saves the clients of the MSP time and frustration of doing manual user access reviews. This also will generate revenue for the MSP.

About Mailprotector

Mailprotector® is a SaaS-based B2B email security, compliance, and encryption platform delivered exclusively through a network of global IT partners. Founded in 2000, Mailprotector’s complete email security platform includes anti-spam, anti-phishing, email continuity, email archiving and business-class hosted email solutions. Additionally, Mailprotector is the creator of a patented and award-winning email encryption tool, Bracket.

About Gradient MSP
Established in 2020, Gradient MSP offers the IT channel ecosystem an integration platform proven to help MSPs run a smoother, more successful services business by connecting all the solutions they resell and use to their PSA of choice for billing and alerting. Gradient created the Synthesize Platform to reduce the back-office noise that distracts MSPs from growing their business and strengthening customer relationships.

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