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MSP Mindshare: Who are you marketing to?

Ian Richardson of Richardson & Richardson Consulting returns, asking the question: Who are you marketing to? Are you talking about how great YOU are, or are you talking about THEIR pain points?

Ian gives practical examples showing how to change the focus of your messaging from your strengths to how you can solve your customers' problems. Watch now:


About the author

ian-richardson-headshotThis video comes to you from Ian Richardson, Managing Partner of Richardson & Richardson Consulting. Ian ran his own IT business - Doberman Technologies - for 16 years, beginning as a small break/fix IT provider and growing into a multimillion-dollar MSP before exiting. In his current role, Ian manages a multi-disciplinary business consultancy. His work supports his mission of helping enough entrepreneurs in enough ways that the world is a fundamentally better place.

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About MSP Mindshare

The MSP Mindshare series invites MSP experts to share their perspectives, wisdom, and insight into the burning issues that impact the IT Channel. 


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