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The Women of Gradient win Coveted Accolades

CRN® has officially confirmed what Gradient MSP has long known; we have some amazingly talented women on our team.

Andrea Ayala, Gradient’s Director of Technology Alliance has made the Power 70 Solutions Provider list for 2022, in recognition of her business acumen, innovation, and strategic thinking. Ashley Cooper, Mary Signorelli, and Kelly Meyers have also been recognized as Women of the Channel.

We’re thrilled to celebrate these great achievements with them and to use this opportunity to get to know each of them a little better and catch a glimpse into how they are working to elevate Gradient’s vision to make the IT Channel a better place.

Andrea Ayala, Director of Technology Alliances

Andrea works directly with global vendors within the channel to build partnerships and strengthen the channel. In the last year, she has helped to build and launch two Integration programs and managed over 85 industry events while simultaneously launching a Selling Cybersecurity Masterclass roadshow series. To date, she is responsible for bringing in 70+ vendors to integrate with our API.

In her relatively short time at Gradient, she has laid the groundwork for documenting the vendor journey and building out what it means to be a Gradient integrator. With the help of the Gradient development team, the Synthesize integration program was recently launched. It allows vendors to seamlessly integrate into the Gradient platform and collaborate on joint marketing initiatives to grow their business.

Her goal is to go beyond integration to Gradient’s Billable™ platform to build partnerships with vendors within the MSP community. As the program continues to grow with more vendors getting onboard, MSPs will have more choices. Managed Service Providers will be able to reconcile billing on all of their services in a singular platform and have that update in real-time to whichever PSA platform they choose.

Andrea is focused on helping channel partners rethink the way they engage with prospects and partners by providing them with real choices.

She is proud to hold a seat on Channel Advisory Board for The Channel Company's Women.

She is also the victorious fugitive of an escape room and can really belt a tune on Karaoke nights.

Ashley Cooper, Director, Partner Experience Operations

If you think just about everyone in the Channel knows who Ashley Cooper is—you’re probably right.

She is a 15-year veteran of the IT Channel with a passion for maximizing the use of the available tools to serve and support the needs found within the community.

Ashley has supported all facets of an MSP's organization from her first role in dispatch & helpdesk way back in 2009. This passion further took shape during her consultancy years where she assisted other MSPs in maximizing their investment in their tool stacks, acting as a virtual administrator, and providing holistic reporting solutions.

At Gradient, she works with our partners to ensure their experience is extraordinary and that every engagement is humanized and drives to higher levels of adoption of our platform. She is on a mission to eliminate billing pains for MSPs. She is working to build out Gradient's partner experience strategy to help drive awareness across the organization through best-in-class tools and workflows, directly supporting the adoption, growth & overall sentiment of our partner base.

Ashley’s goal is to continue to help Gradient build and perfect a platform that supports open ecosystems and provides freedom of choice. The less time a business spends thinking about unit costs, effective rates, and how they all translate into their PSA & accounting package, the more time they can devote to delivering those services in exceptional ways to their clients. Utilizing her experience by leveraging product analytics & customer success software with various other tools, she empowers our customer-facing departments to better achieve these goals.

Ashely is a lifelong learner who listens and translates what she learns to help make the channel better.

She is a book collector with aspirations of TikTok stardom. With her drive and determination, The Ashley Dance is a forgone conclusion.

Mary Signorelli, Director of Flamboyance

There’s something about Mary.

She is a former educator, entrepreneur, author, and creator who had been building relationships in the channel for over 7 years. Prior to  Gradient, Mary spent time as a VP at Cytracom where she managed the success team and was fondly referred to as Cytramom.

She is so well-known at industry events that going to a tradeshow for her is like attending a family reunion.

Mary manages the Channel Engagements Team here at Gradient. Her team is responsible for providing incredible experiences at various events that leave visitors with a lasting positive impression of the company.

Her goal is to help Gradient partners reduce the time and frustration associated with monthly billing reconciliation by introducing them to Billable™, a billing reconciliation tool that makes it easier to use, more efficient, and produces more accurate results than manual reconciliation ever could.  It also makes it easy for them to get paid for all of their services.

Mary is an eternal optimist who is always focused on opportunities rather than obstacles. She is working to implement a strategic process for event management, to make each occasion an opportunity to excel. And while she is enthusiastic about the tools and technologies she gets to play with at Gradient, for her, it comes down to the people she meets and interacts with on a daily basis.

She’s all about puzzles and the downward dog.

Kelly Meyers, VP of Marketing

Kelly Meyers is a newcomer to the channel but has hit the ground running. She works tirelessly to position the Gradient brand within the channel, putting her considerable experience and boundless energy to use in driving demand and setting trends.

Her experience in the fields of SaaS, fintech, safety, market intelligence, lifestyle, and communications technology, along with her strategic marketing, storytelling abilities, and brand development experience has proven extremely effective in helping Gradient to secure new partners and building trust in the community while leveraging in-house expertise.

Kelly has managed to cram an awful lot of diverse accomplishments into a relatively short time. She has authored more than 200 articles for magazines throughout North America and is the published author of a children's book. Kelly was also named top female executive by Worldwide Branding in 2016.

She has the lofty goal of helping to make Gradient the best company to work with while helping to bridge the gap between MSPs and Vendors. She credits Gradient’s CEO and founder, Colin Knox with providing the vision and motivation necessary to lead the way and shape the future of both the company and the channel.

Kelly is a bibliophile with a mantra. She hasn’t yet shared what that mantra is but we’re hopeful!

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