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Saving hours of work with Synthesize Billing

If you run a business, you know how critical time is. It's something you can never get back, and wasted time means wasted money. NENS Inc, a Boston-based Managed Services Provider, was facing a time-and-money challenge. They needed to manage their billing reconciliation capacity without hiring more staff or sacrificing quality.

The challenge

Antonio Betances, NENS's Service Desk Manager, was responsible for reconciling clients, but as the company grew, the task had become time-consuming and the risk of errors was growing. He only had a few hours each day to work on reconciliation while juggling his other responsibilities, so it took him a few weeks every month to reconcile every client. NENS had tried other tools, but they found them incompatible or too time-consuming to use. They needed an automated billing reconciliation process that they could trust.

The solution

That's when they heard about Gradient's Synthesize platform. The NENS team was skeptical, given their previous experiences, so they decided to test the platform with a single client. They were pleased to see how simple the process was. They set up their account, created a profile, mapped services by dragging-and-dropping, and watched updates to their PSA happen in real time. Once they saw how quickly reconciliation could happen, they loaded in additional clients and didn't look back.

The results

The results were impressive. What used to take at least 10 hours of Antonio's time every month now takes only 45 minutes. That time recovery saved the company the cost of hiring new staff to manage reconciliation. As an unexpected bonus, client confidence in the accuracy of their invoices has increased payment speed, with most paying in 15-20 days of a net-30 cycle.

Antonio said, “Gradient makes reconciliation scalable. The savings is compounding for an organization like ours who has aggressive growth goals over the next five years.” Synthesize has been the company's go-to since its very first usage. “From the first sync, it was magical. It pops up a problem when something happens, and I’ve trusted it ever since.”

In addition to the time and cost savings, NENS appreciated Gradient's support. It took them less than an hour to get their questions answered via help chat.

Overall, Gradient's Synthesize platform proved to be the solution NENS had been looking for. It saves time, reduces errors, and increases client confidence in their invoices. For businesses looking for a way to streamline their billing reconciliation process, NENS's experience with Gradient shows that it's possible to save time and money without sacrificing quality.

If you're ready for billing reconciliation to become the easiest part of your back-office day, tap the purple link on this page to book a personalized demo to see the Synthesize platform in action and get started today.

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