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Streamlining account reconciliation for MSPs

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Streamlining account reconciliation for MSPs

In today's fast-paced world of managed services, efficiency and accuracy are crucial for success. Here, we explore the experience of Chris, an IT professional from Bel Network Integration & Support, as he shares how his experience with Synthesize has revolutionized their MSP's account reconciliation processes, helping him overcome manual and time-consuming tasks, improve revenue accuracy, and enhance customer satisfaction.

The challenge

Prior to implementing Gradient Synthesize, Chris and his team encountered significant challenges in reconciling accounts. Engineers would sell various products and services, resulting in frequent account changes. These changes would accumulate over time, requiring Chris to spend hours manually reconciling agreements. This tedious and error-prone process not only consumed valuable time but also burdened his engineers, who had limited bandwidth. Additionally, the manual reconciliation process often revealed instances of underbilling clients, resulting in lost revenue for the company.

The solution

Chris's quest for a solution led him to the ITNation ConnectWise conference, where he came across GradIent MSP. Intrigued by the platform's ability to streamline account reconciliation, he decided to explore its offerings further. Gradient presented a promising solution by integrating with their existing billing platform and automating the synchronization of products and services, significantly reducing manual efforts.

Here, Chris describes what reconciliation was like for his MSP, before and after using Synthesize.

The results

Streamlining account reconciliation

Chris began by integrating the platform with a few key products, which proved to be seamless and efficient. However, the true value of the solution became evident when Chris used the CSV import feature to reconcile accounts for the Proofpoint spam filter. Previously, this had been a time-consuming and painstaking process. With Synthesize, Chris was able to create the import within minutes and reconcile all accounts in one go, eliminating the need for manual involvement.

Efficiency and time savings

The implementation of Synthesize brought significant efficiency and time savings for Chris and his team. Instead of spending hours manually reconciling accounts every quarter or year, Chris now has a simple calendar reminder to reconcile agreements on the last day of each month. This allows him to ensure that all agreements are accurate when the billing cycle begins, eliminating the risk of lost revenue due to underbilling. The platform's user-friendly interface and quick reconciliation process have enabled Chris to reclaim valuable time and redirect his engineers' efforts toward more critical tasks.

Integration capabilities

Synthesize's integration capabilities extend beyond billing platforms. The platform seamlessly integrates with Liongard, enabling Chris to access essential account numbers and metrics. By automating the process of reconciling software product installations, such as the auto elevate agent, Synthesize ensures accuracy and eliminates the guesswork associated with manual estimation. This integration has further enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction for Bel Network Integration & Support.

Benefits and future prospects

Chris has experienced substantial benefits since implementing Gradient Synthesize. The platform has saved him both time and money, enabling him to focus on revenue growth and provide more accurate services to his customers. By ensuring incremental billing for added agents each month, Chris has eliminated the risk of billing surprises for his clients. He wholeheartedly recommends Gradient to other MSPs, emphasizing the value it brings and the positive impact on their operations. Chris also mentions that Gradient has exciting developments in the pipeline, promising even more benefits for its partners.

If you're ready for billing reconciliation to become the easiest part of your back-office day, tap the purple link on this page to book a personalized demo to see the Synthesize platform in action and get started today.

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