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Gradient MSP and Channel Program™ partner to help MSPs and Vendors

Channel Ecosystem startup’s partnership saves Vendors and MSPs money while making the IT Channel more accessible for everyone

September 29, 2022 - Calgary, AB Canada – Today Channel Program™ and Gradient MSP announced a strategic partnership to deliver greater value for the MSPs and Vendors in each of their respective communities.

“We are excited to offer Channel Program’s MSP partners our Pro tier at a discounted price, giving them access to premium integrations for our various platform modules,” says Colin Knox, Co-Founder and CEO of Gradient MSP. “Our platform helps MSPs connect and reconcile all their monthly services billing in one place. Last month alone, Gradient saved MSPs 5,500 hours doing billing across more than $2 billion in revenue.”

In 2022, MSPs have used the platform to recover more than $4 million in unbilled revenue, with the average MSP finding $1,200 MRR in their first billing cycle.

“Gradient is also offering Channel Program vendors access to a fast-track tier of our Synthesize Integration Program. This gives vendors priority access to support, a dedicated integration team, Slack channel collaboration, and prioritized launch scheduling,” adds Andrea Ayala, Director of Technology Alliances at Gradient MSP. “We have automated integrations with Datto Continuity, INKY, Liongard, Mailprotector, Nodeware SafeDNS, TraitWare, and counting.”

Channel Program, the IT Channel’s largest and fastest-growing community platform and marketplace, is on a mission to disrupt the highly fragmented $2.2 trillion IT Channel industry, by giving more IT Vendors access and more IT Service Providers a voice in what is next.

“With Channel Program's recent launch of User Reviews of IT software/services, we are excited to give IT Service Providers and MSPs the opportunity to use their experiences to directly influence what succeeds in the Channel and help their peers make informed buying decisions,” says Kevin Lancaster, Cofounder and CEO of Channel Program. “To that end, we are thrilled to offer Gradient’s MSP partners a $15 incentive for each approved review they submit."

Since their launch in November 2021, they have grown to over 5,000 registered members, regularly hold events that attract hundreds of attendees, and host a platform that earns tens of thousands of monthly visitors. This is largely credited to Channel Program’s Channel Pitch events.

“Gradient MSP vendor partners who are integrated with Synthesize or are in the process of integrating, will receive a reduced fee for Channel Pitch,” adds Kevin. “It’s a win-win for everyone.”

The details

How does this help MSPs?

How does this help Channel Vendors?


About Channel Pitch

Channel Program's free monthly online Pitch events get rid of the fluff while maximizing ROI. No flights, no hotels, no long expense reports. Vendors sell themselves in seven minutes or less and receive valuable feedback from audience members on their product messaging and programs. IT Service Providers meet and evaluate new vendors while remaining anonymous, only providing their contact info to the Vendors with which they choose to engage.

About Channel Program

With a rapidly growing community of 5,000+ IT professionals and events that regularly attract hundreds of attendees, Channel Program has quickly become the IT industry’s premier network and marketplace. Laser-focused on eliminating favoritism, politics, and waste (of time and money), Channel Program gives more Vendors access to and more IT Service Providers a bigger voice in what succeeds and comes next in the IT Channel.

About Synthesize

Synthesize is the integration program for the IT channel. The game has officially changed for vendors. Through a single integration with Synthesize, channel vendors are instantly connected to nine of the top PSAs — with more coming soon. In addition to connecting you to a growing list of PSAs, Synthesize removes the need to spend time building, supporting, and maintaining numerous integrations. Integrating with Gradient makes billing reconciliation automated for your MSP partners and resellers, so they get paid for everything they sell — no more revenue slipping through the cracks. Currently, 80+ vendors are building integrations.

Platform Details:

  • The Synthesize platform connects to 9 PSAs
  • Synthesize partners in 30+ countries
  • More than 650 MSPs reconcile billing using Synthesize
  • 7 integrations now available—Datto Continuity, Liongard, Mailprotector, Nodeware, Traitware, INKY, SafeDNS and counting

About Gradient MSP

Established in 2020, Gradient MSP offers the IT channel ecosystem an integration platform (Synthesize Platform) proven to help MSPs run a smoother, more successful services business by connecting all the solutions they resell and use to their PSA platforms. Gradient developed the Synthesize Platform to give MSPs the ability to connect, monitor, and reconcile all your services in one place.


Matt Solomon
Channel Program

Kelly Meyers, VP Marketing
Gradient MSP

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