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Gradient + ASCII: A year in review

We look back on a year hanging with our friends at ASCII events in 2022 - and what a wild year it was!

In 2022, the team traveled across the US to visit ASCII members in Houston, Kansas City, Chicago, Boston, Long Beach, Miami, New Jersey, and Dallas (and across the border to Toronto in Canada). And everywhere we went, the ASCII community welcomed us with open arms.

We learned a lot by listening to the people we met in these cities. You talked to us about your pain points and challenges, where you were at operationally, and where you wanted to go. And that conversation helped shape our roadmap for the Synthesize platform.

And at the end of those shows, you humbled us by presenting us some nice awards - Most Innovative Solution (Toronto, Long Beach, Boston, Houston), Best Keynote (Long Beach, Boston), Best New Solution (Chicago),  and Best Partner Involvement (Kansas City). We can't resist saying it: You like us! You really like us! 😉

Our Co-Founder & CEO, Colin Knox, offered these words about ASCII: "The collective buying power of the ASCII group and their 1,500 MSP members is not to be ignored by any vendor. Engaging with ASCII this year was impactful for Gradient and we look forward to continuing working with the members in making sure they are getting paid for all the services they are selling their clients."

Thanks ASCII! We hope you enjoy this retrospective of some of the fun we had together in 2022.


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