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Breach Secure Now! (BSN) is a white-labeled service built for MSPs (Managed Service Providers). BSN focuses on a client's weakest security link - their employees. Employee mistakes result in a majority of data breaches. The BSN Unlimited Clients Subscriptions provides ALL clients with employee security awareness training and Dark Web Breach Assessments. The Breach Prevention Platform (BPP) Subscription is a per-client upgrade that provides continuous weekly micro training, simulated phishing attacks, security policies, a security risk assessment, and our Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA). EVA helps clients identify which employees will cause the next data breach and allows them to take actions to lower the risk of data breaches.

Enable Notifications in Breach Secure Now TMS (Ticket Management System) Integration, triggering alerts to your PSA Board or Ticket Queue of choice with over 10+ services: 

  • Auto Phish – Campaign Ending 
  • Auto Phish – Campaign Notification 
  • Catch Phish Phishing Report 
  • Dark Web Breach Report 
  • Dark Web Monitoring – Breach Report 
  • Dark Web Monitoring – Large Breach Notice 
  • Dark Web Monthly Report 
  • Directory Sync – Digest 
  • Email – Bounced Report 
  • Email – Not Delivered Report 
  • Email – Spam Report 
  • Email Unsubscribed Report 
  • Purchase Notification

Products integrated

  • Breach Prevention Platform

Security AwarenessDark Web Monitoring


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Integration announcement (Oct. 11, 2022)

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