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Breach Secure Now partners are first to experience Gradient MSP’s new Synthesize Alerts Module

New module on Synthesize Platform makes sure MSPs never miss an alert

October 11, 2022  (Calgary, Alberta) – Today Gradient MSP announced Breach Secure Now (BSN) is the first integration partner to launch with the Synthesize Alerts Module (Synthesize Alerts) for MSP partners that use the platform. For the first time ever, MSPs can consolidate all their alerts in one place, the right place, their PSA.

“This highly anticipated integration with Gradient MSP allows BSN to extend its reach into any PSA system supported by Gradient,” says Art Gross, CEO at BSN. “By removing the complexities of each integration, BSN can focus on delivering the features focused on Security Awareness Training, while providing the integrations with the PSA systems that BSN clients have requested.”

MSPs have long been forced to watch and manage alerts via multiple monitoring consoles and shared mailboxes, then filter out the noise of irrelevant alerts, then manually create tickets for the alerts that need to be actioned.

“We know how cumbersome staying on top of alerts can be for MSPs between keeping an eye on multiple consoles, sifting through emails, and then needing to decide what warrants their attention,” says Colin Knox, CEO and Co-Founder at Gradient MSP. “With our Alerts Module, MSPs can cut out the noise, mitigate alert fatigue and frustration.”

This manual drudgery is time-consuming, labour-intensive, and prone to error which generally ends in a poor customer experience for clients. With the introduction of the Alerts module, MSPs who use the Synthesize platform will choose the alerts that matter to them, map the alerts to the ticketing queues of their choice, and then receive alerts within their PSA in a standardized format, ready to be actioned.

Synthesize Alerts gives Breach Secure Now the ability to communicate BSN portal status messages to our partners regardless of the PSA they choose to use. For our partners, messages are delivered into the PSA in the correct format into the proper queue rather than relying on the PSA to dissect the contents of an email message hoping that the alert ends up in the correct place. Ultimately cleaning the process of data organization, alerting our MSP’s to their end-users information quicker, and providing a seamless vehicle to access their data.

Alerts Module is the game-changer the Channel has been waiting for

For channel vendors generating alerts, like BSN, this module will ensure that the right information is being seen and acted on by the MSP technicians who need the information, ensuring their end customers never miss a critical alert being handled in a timely fashion. Leveraging the Synthesize API to deliver this functionality to MSPs means vendors don’t have to develop, launch, market or maintain multiple costly integrations; just one with Gradient MSP.

“We are thrilled to partner with Gradient. They will help us reach our goal of key RMM/PSA integrations faster than if we had to build each integration separately, for a fraction of the cost in R&D,” says Gross.

“Based on feedback from our Partner Advisory Council, we are confident MSPs are going to love this module. Value for MSPs will continue to grow as additional vendor integrations are released. The sky is the limit for Alerts and the next few months will prove that in spades,” says Knox.

Vendors interested in building an integration with Synthesize, visit the Synthesize Integration Program page


MSPs can take advantage of a Standard Alerts integration, such as Breach Secure Now, at no cost. Turning on two or more Standard Alerts integrations, or Premium Alerts integrations (when available) will cost $149/month for unlimited integrations.

As a bonus, MSPs can combine the Alerts module with the Gradient Billing module and streamline their monthly reconciliation tasks. Complete details can be found on our Pricing page.


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About Breach Secure Now

Breach Secure Now! (BSN) is a white-labeled service built for MSPs (Managed Service Providers). BSN focuses on a client's weakest security link - their employees. Employee mistakes result in a majority of data breaches. The BSN Unlimited Clients Subscriptions provides ALL clients with employee security awareness training and Dark Web Breach Assessments. The Breach Prevention Platform (BPP) Subscription is a per client upgrade that provides continuous weekly micro training, simulated phishing attacks, security policies, a security risk assessment, and our Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA). EVA helps clients identify which employees will cause the next data breach and allows them to take actions to lower the risk of data breaches.


About Gradient MSP

Established in 2020, Gradient MSP offers the IT channel ecosystem an integration platform proven to help MSPs run a smoother, more successful services business by connecting all the solutions they resell and use to their PSA of choice for billing and alerting. Gradient created the Synthesize Platform to eliminate MSP tech debt and bridge the gap between PSAs and the rest of an MSP’s toolstack.


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