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Datto Autotask in Focus

Continuing our PSA series, where we explore various PSAs (Professional Services Automation) used by MSPs to streamline and automate their business, we now spotlight Datto Autotask, one of the nine PSAs supported by Gradient’s Synthesize platform. Beyond compatibility with our platform, we don’t endorse or recommend any particular PSA – choose the tool that’s right for your business needs.

Get to know Datto Autotask

Datto Autotask is a cloud-based solution that helps MSPs streamline and automate their business operations, such as project management, ticketing, invoicing, and reporting from a centralized platform, which can help MSPs provide better service to their clients by improving internal efficiency and productivity.

Among the features Datto Autotask offers to MSPs are:

  • Dataflow automation
  • Service Desk
  • SLA tracking on a team and individual level
  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Automated backups
  • Mobile access

Datto Autotask can be used for a variety of tasks, including:

  • Project management and task tracking
  • Resource scheduling and time tracking
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Ticketing and helpdesk support

Beyond the features and uses of the PSA outlined above, the benefits of using Datto Autotask include:

  • Increased revenue through automated billing and invoicing
  • Greater visibility into business operations through reporting and analytics
  • Better client communication and support through ticketing and helpdesk features

Choosing the right PSA

Is Datto Autotask the right PSA for your MSP business? As one of the top names in the PSA space, it might be a strong contender! As with any software, you’ll need to carefully identify your MSP's needs, processes, and services and see if they align with what Datto Autotask offers. A good fit will improve the way you do business; a poor fit will see you struggling to use the features you’ve paid for or changing how you do business to adapt to the software.

The Gradient advantage

Once you’ve identified what you need from a PSA and selected the best fit, you’re ready to turn the dial to 11 and integrate with the Synthesize platform. Each of the PSAs we’re spotlighting are compatible with Synthesize and will allow you to automate and accelerate your billing reconciliation processes, allowing you to save time and recover as much as 10% of ARR that would otherwise be lost through manual reconciliation. Isn’t it time to book a demo to see how Synthesize can boost your MSP’s back-office processes?

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