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Data Equality

One of the guiding principles on which Gradient is founded is data equality. Our concern for data equality stems from back when Colin ran an MSP. “I was busting my hump. But when I talked to my competitors, I found that they weren’t outworking me. They were just making better decisions, because they could access and process their data on a scale that our tiny MSP wasn’t capable of.”  

Gradient wants data equality because at the end of the day, a rising tide floats all boats in the MSP industry. The stronger and more mature the industry becomes, the better it is for everybody, because every SMB out there is going to turn to managed services sooner or later. This is Gradient’s mission – to raise the level of the entire MSP industry by leveling the data playing field.  

What is Data Equality?

In his seminal article on the topic of data inequality, economist Luca Silipo, notes that some companies will naturally accrue larger data sets, and with their size the ability to process that data more effectively. But it doesn’t need to be this way. If data hygiene is automated, that reduces the cost of processing dirty data, which in turn means that decision-making will improve as less dirty data influences managerial thought processes. 

What Data Equality Means for You

Every MSP that uses a PSA has a ton of data. Either the PSA itself is your source of truth, or you feed data from the PSA into your documentation platform and that’s your source of truth. Either way, what’s in the PSA matters. And that’s before considering the dozens of other apps that your PSA feeds into. Basically, you gather a lot of data, and use that data across every aspect of your organization. 

When the data in your PSA is dirty, that affects your entire company. 

Data equality is this – if it’s super easy to implement proper data hygiene controls, that means every MSP is doing it. At that point, we’re much closer to data equality. Each and every MSP can then focus on the things that really matter to their business.  

What Data Equality Means for the MSP Industry

Over thousands of MSPs, the entire industry is making better decisions. Everybody gets stronger. MSPs become more attractive for more potential clients. You can charge more. You can get a better multiple when you want to sell.  

If dirty data impacts every aspect of your business, clean data does, too.  

Data inequality hurts individual MSPs and the industry as a whole. We just haven’t had a way to level the playing field and get every MSP making the best decisions possible. 

Until now. 

To learn more, drop us your contact information today.  That way when we launch, you can be first in line for our free solution. 

That journey starts with data hygiene, and continues with data equality.

Here’s the best part. MSPs and vendors alike benefit from both data hygiene and data equality. That’s what Gradient is here for – to use our knowledge of the MSP business to bridge the gaps in data for the benefit of everybody.

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