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Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Compliant

Going beyond the expected is where Gradient finds its groove. Whether that’s in the realm of partner success (closing tickets within 24 hours? You bet!), channel engagement (17 industry awards and counting!), or security (brand spanking new security podcast launched? Check!).  We pride ourselves on going that extra mile. So, undergoing a voluntary self-audit is just us playing true to type. 

Wait, what? Security Audit? Voluntarily?star_logo-web

That’s right. We recently completed a completely voluntary, proactive self-audit with the CSA (Cloud Security Alliance.) The CSA is the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment. The group acts as a public registry for documents related to the security and privacy controls provided by businesses in the cloud computing space.  Getting their seal of approval is an important step in our overall security initiative.

Full disclosure we didn’t earn a perfect score this time around, (it was still a solid “A”, but we have unusually high standards 😉). We did obtain something equally important—we were able to identify key areas for improvement which will motivate us to develop additional processes and policies to further strengthen our cloud security game. Resting on our laurels is not an option.

Or as Matthew Topper, Gradient's Director of Security puts it, “the intention was to ensure that we’re aware of and aligned with cloud security best practices. We feel it’s important to demonstrate to our partners and vendors that we care enough to undertake the exercise and learn from it.” 

Earning a Level One STAR (Security, Trust, Assurance, and Risk) for Gradient – and sharing that accomplishment on our website – helps us to walk the talk about security standards and transparency. It validates that both our platform and our methodology are mature from a security perspective and that we take security very seriously. 

To quote Topper, “while not a lot of channel vendors perform a CSA audit, we felt doing so would create greater peace of mind for the MSPs and vendors we work with, demonstrating that partnering with us does not introduce security vulnerabilities into their own systems.” 

In completing the “CAIQ”, Gradient has demonstrated its adherence to the Cloud Controls Matrix and has made that information publicly available via the CSA website. 

Going above and beyond to offer our partners peace of mind about our security model? That’s just the Gradient way. 

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