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Comet Backup and Zorus the latest to integrate with Gradient MSP’s Synthesize Platform

Comet Backup to offer their partners both Billing and Alerts Modules; Zorus joins a growing number of vendors who integrate with Gradient's Billing Module

November 3, 2022 (Calgary, Alberta) –  Gradient is excited to welcome two more vendor integrations onto the Synthesize platform.

Comet Backup the first integration to include both Alerts and Billing Modules

“The Comet Backup integration is a significant milestone for the Synthesize Platform. Comet Backup partners will be the first, but not the last, to maximize the full benefit Synthesize offers,” says Colin Knox, CEO and Co-Founder of Gradient MSP.We appreciate Comet Backup’s enthusiasm and support for the platform right out of the gate.

“We were blown away by how simple it was for us to get the first integration built so we decided, why not do both? It’s going to be a significant value-add for our partners and make it easier for them to administer our solutions,” said Josh Flores, General Manager, Comet Backup.

Comet Backup is an all-in-one backup platform for businesses and IT providers. They have an intuitive, easy-to-use web console where you can remotely manage and protect devices to back up critical files, folders, databases, emails, servers or even entire devices. Save time with built-in reporting, custom policy settings and bulk updates. Slash storage costs with world-class deduplication which encrypts and compresses the data. Comet keeps businesses safe by providing IT teams with fast, reliable and secure backups.

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Zorus excited to offer their partners automated billing reconciliation

"Partnering with Gradient was a no-brainer for us at Zorus," said Kate McAnespie, Director of Product at Zorus. "We know how critical it is for MSPs to have their billing data accurate in their systems of record and because of Gradient, we can ensure that happens in whichever PSA tool our mutual partners are using seamlessly via their API."

Zorus recently raised $9 million in Series A financing to expand its cybersecurity platform. Looking ahead, Zorus plans to add detection and response security solutions to the platform. Their mission is to transform MSPs' capability to fully engage with how the technology they implement can make the work environment more intelligent and empower their clients to be better businesses.

Zorus brings together a seasoned team of technology leaders from Datto and ConnectWise with proven experience building and deploying enterprise-grade technologies for small and mid-size businesses.

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Synthesize: the platform that saves MSPs time and money

MSPs who use the Synthesize platform have access to modules designed by MSPs for MSPs that help them improve their business’s resiliency and efficiency.

Billing, the first module available, streamlines and simplifies the often-painful billing reconciliation process for MSPs. The module allows them to easily and intuitively sync customer service consumption back to their PSA, saving them time while also resurfacing revenue that may have been overlooked.

Alerts, the newest module, allows MSPs to stay on top of important alerts across their stack, allowing them to select the vendor alerts that are relevant to them and map them to appropriate PSA ticket queues so they can act on them. This speeds up alert resolution and helps ensure they never miss an important alert in the flurry of consoles, mailboxes, and noise of alerts that aren't critical.

Integrations like Comet Backup’s deliver value on both modules to their partners to save them time and money.

“It represents a huge improvement for MSPs looking to tighten their back-office processes and better recession-proof their business,” says Knox.

Vendors interested in building an integration with Synthesize, visit our Synthesize program page.


MSPs can take advantage of a Standard Alerts integration, such as Comet Backup, at no cost. Turning on two or more Standard Alerts integrations, or Premium Alerts integrations (when available) will cost $149/month for unlimited integrations. 

As a bonus, MSPs can combine the Alerts module with the Gradient Billing module and streamline their monthly reconciliation tasks. Complete details can be found on our Pricing page.

About Comet Backup
Comet provides fast, secure backup software for IT professionals and businesses worldwide, localizing to 13 languages. It enables organizations to secure their data, deliver business continuity and disaster preparedness. Trusted by customers across 120 countries, Comet has been recognized as a ‘High Performer’ leader by G2, awarded “Top Performer” by Sourceforge and “Category Leader” by Get App. Comet is a privately held company based in Christchurch, New Zealand founded by a team of ex-backup professionals and industry experts.

About Zorus
Focused exclusively on developing innovative new technologies for the IT channel, Zorus provides best-in-class cybersecurity products to MSP partners to help them grow their business and protect their clients. Zorus provides device-level technology to protect and monitor endpoints anywhere your users work (Zorus Filtering) and proactively engage with and manage your workforce (Zorus Engagement).

About Gradient MSP
Established in 2020, Gradient MSP offers the IT channel ecosystem an integration platform proven to help MSPs run a smoother, more successful services business by connecting all the solutions they resell and use to their PSA of choice for billing and alerting. Gradient created the Synthesize Platform to eliminate MSP tech debt and bridge the gap between PSAs and the rest of an MSP’s toolstack.


For more information or to set up media interviews, please contact:

Charlotte Speed

Marketing Manager

Comet Backup

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Director, Digital Marketing 

Gradient MSP 


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