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We believe that MSPs deserve to be heard.

Countless times as an MSP, we would request or vote on a feature request for one of our vendor partners to build.  Sometimes they would get delivered quickly, but they often prioritized other features, which offered more revenue potential for the vendor.

Reporting an issue or bug to a vendor would often result in "This is the first time we've heard of this," or "You're the only partner experiencing the issue." - Awesome.

As a past vendor ourselves, that last one hurts the most to share; we were guilty of providing similar responses to partners. 

We were too proud to admit something might be wrong with our software or too embarrassed to admit we had no idea how to solve it, or how long it might take.

As we remember the frustration we experienced in our MSP when we got these answers or witnessed these actions from our vendor partners, we believe that MSPs deserve better.

MSPs have a lot to say, and they deserve to be heard.

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