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Leg Up 2021 Recap

Leg Up was one heck of a show. Went off completely without a hitch!

Ok, that’s not entirely true, as our feed dropped out randomly and we had to move everyone into a different room, but you know what, that was one of the amazing things about Leg Up. Everybody stuck with us.

That’s a testament to the absolutely stellar content delivered by Joe Alapat, Rex Frank, Dan Tomaszewski and Henry Washburn, along with the CEO interviews, our own keynote, PSA showcases and AMA session.

If you missed it, we have made some of that content available here.

You especially need to check out our vision for the channel in the Gradient keynote. We’re really doing something special here, and it’s not just talk. Our vision for fitting in between MSPs and channel vendors is unique, and making business automation available to MSPs of all sizes is what’s going to be a key calling card for Gradient going forward.

We fully believe that MSPs are the backbone of the economy. Small and medium-sized business is a bigger part of the economy than most people realize, and MSPs are critical to making the technological infrastructure that drives SMBs work.

The best way for you to capture your share of that growth – whether you want a little or lot is up to you – but to capture that share you need your processes as dialed in as possible. We’re here to help with that.

Billable™ is a start with that, because it takes those painful hours of billing reconciliation drudgery and replacing it with a smooth, easy process.

We’re offering a 14-day free trial on Billable Pro™ so honestly, this is a great time to get started. 

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The Digital Libations session was a big hit, too. For those curious, the virtual bartender was Tabatha Klocke of Cocktail Co●Op if you want to book her for your own event.