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5 Keys to Successful Partner Support in 2022

It's not about us.

It's not about you.

It's about supporting your partners.

MSP’s deserve top-tier service from all their vendors.

We’ve been on both sides of the relationship between vendors and MSPs, and we know the struggle is real. It’s time to change the vendor experience: we have the opportunity to change the way we work together.

Below, we dive into the top five keys to successful vendor support in 2022.

Key #1: Rapid Response Time

No one likes waiting for service. Can you image sitting at a restaurant for over an hour just to get your menus?

MSPs are the front line to businesses around the world. Downtime is unacceptable and costs time and reputation. When they need support, they need it promptly. 

Key #2: Detailed Product Knowledge

MSPs by nature are very technical and require equal level support. Your support team will be trusted product experts who can meet the issue at the technical level without escalation. Nothing is worse than reaching out to a vendor, to only get an under-qualified response. It derails trust, slows down the process, and leads to churn.

A solid support team will be comfortable providing answers from the details given, always aiming for a first-reply resolution. When not possible, they are skilled in asking pointed questions to get to the bottom of an issue.


It is OKAY to not know the answer to something.

A stellar team will clearly communicate the understanding of the issue, the steps that have been taken to date, and commit to a follow-up time. Then. they'll take the agreed details and work internally to resolve the concern.

Key #3: Thoughtful but Concise Responses

MSPs are extremely busy technical people, so responses need to be clear, concise and robust. Always thank MSPs for seeking your support. Then, follow up with a clarifying statement and either the resolution or a path to resolution through clarifying questions. This strategy will not only create success for both parties but form a strong professional bond between MSP and partner.

It is critical to acknowledge their issues/concerns and provide reassurance that you’re working to minimize the impact. Simple reassurance is a tried and true method for your MSP to know and feel like you are truly working to provide them the help they need. 

Key #4: Evolving Documentation

Documentation used correctly can be a valued support asset. The support team will learn from daily support interactions and can be expected to:

  • Routinely update all Knowledge Base articles to be accurate
  • Provide workarounds to known issues and document warnings

Current and effective documentation does not only save your partners trouble and time, it also can be used as an asset to free up time for yourselves. Sometimes all your partner needs is reassurance and a simple guide or FAQ to solve their woes. 

Key #5: Creating Realistic Expectations

When seeking support, people just want to be given a realistic estimation of services and time for the support they need. They DO NOT want to be given the "run around."

Set clear timelines for follow-up if needed, and follow through on those commitments. When a delay is unavoidable, empathize with the situation and be clear with your commitments.

We all win if the industry is open, honest, and working together to support one another. 

Using the Keys to Unlock your Full Support Potential in 2022

As a vendor, providing an A+ experience to your MSPs should always be at the forefront of all business practices. However, given the craziness of this space, we know sometimes it can be hard to focus on the big goals!

In 2022, we have the opportunity to change the MSP experience, and through utilizing these 5 keys, we truly believe you can make a difference in your business to empower and enhance those who you partner with. 

We want to work with you to make it even easier for yourselves and especially the MSPs. Help your partners save hours of time each month on billing reconciliation by integrating with Gradient to automate the experience for them. Contact our technology alliances team and lets get you started.

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