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Do you have what it takes to rock with the flock?


We build our culture every day.

Creating the right culture at Gradient is critical to our success, so we’ve put a lot of thought into making sure it reflects who we are. 

Click the fuchsia button if you’re excited to join us!

Welcome aboard!

We're a very welcoming flock. In fact, every time a new flockstar joins, we welcome them with a barrage of bad gifs. Because nothing builds community faster than dancing flamingos, jumping anchormen, or stockbrokers chanting "one of us!"

We work hard and we play hard. 

Did we mention we love flamingos in all situations? Because we really, really do.

Fluffy coworkers?
Sign me up!

We're a 100% remote working organization. Which means sometimes our furry friends crash the calls, supervise our work, or otherwise add to the culture of the place.

And if Nugget occasionally dresses like a flamingo, well, we're 100% here for it.

Culture means Donut time

We regularly take time to get to know people in different parts of the company. Just hang, chat about music and travel and life, eat a donut, share our love of flamingos, that sort of thing. 

Game night, costumes & friendly competition

Working remotely means finding creative ways to keep in touch. And for us, that means regular game nights with the team.

Just because we're far apart doesn't mean we aren't down to slap on a wig and play some trivia games.

Virtual offices? Yes please.

Pop  in to a coworker's office, zip around on a scooter or pet the office dogs. Virtual work doesn't mean working in isolation.