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Gradient MSP Announces VP, Channel

Gradient MSP is excited to announce Dave Goldie is joining our leadership team as the VP, Channel. Dave’s arrival helps to bolster the strong team that we are building, and is timely as we prepare for the launch of Billable™ at our Leg Up event in November.

Goldie brings years of expertise in the channel to Gradient. His track record of helping build other channel companies will be a great value for Gradient and our budding partner community. He will head up a channel team that will focus on building relationships throughout the industry and driving our community engagement.

Gradient CEO, Colin Knox, explains what this hire means for Gradient’s path forward. “With the launch of Billable™, we’re on a mission to help thousands of MSPs save untold hours of painful billing reconciliation and make sure they get paid for everything they do. Dave Goldie is going to play a key role in reaching MSPs across the globe, and act as a listening post to ensure we deliver what MSPs need most to build stronger businesses. I have great respect for him, as many others in the industry do, and we could not be more excited to have him on board.”

Dave's excited to get started right away.

“I love small businesses. They make the world a better place. Right now, it’s essential to help SMBs survive, for our communities and our economies. SMBs are best served by MSPs and the valuable services they deliver. I’ve always valued being a part of companies that make it easier for MSPs to do their great work, and that’s at the heart of what Gradient does. We’re going to help put MSPs in a position to think bigger about themselves and their role in IT going forward.”

This hire is a huge one for Gradient, and there’s many more that will be joining our team in the coming months as we release Billable™ to the market. Stay tuned to our Careers page for opportunities to join the Gradient team in our mission to transform the channel.

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