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On-Demand Webinar: MSP Cyber Roundtable

Andrew McKeage, Director of Sales, took part in FortMesa's MSP Cyber Roundtable recently to discuss Valuing the MSP Cyber Stack.

Andrew was joined by Matthew Fisch, Founder & CEO, and Zach Keeney, Co-founder and Channel Sales Director from FortMesa; Tim Golden, CEO/Founder of; and Jesse Miller, Founder of PowerPSA Consulting, as they discussed the challenges MSPs face in managing operational efficiency and security.

In this roundtable discussion, they discuss the tools that MSPs use and how they manage them - including a tool like Synthesize that can help you see where your business making or losing money! Other topics included:

  • Leveraging AI in security services
  • Challenges with managing security product stacks
  • Billing, efficiency, and problem diagnosis
  • Separating cyber and MSP services
  • Compliance risk and governance as a service
  • Leveraging AI for operations and alerts

Watch this fun and fast-paced conversation below:

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