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On-Demand Webinar: Fireside Chat With Colin Knox (CEO) and Ryan Barker (CXO)

Gradient's Dynamic Duo Colin Knox and Ryan Barker discussed how their specific dynamic (Colin is a "why" guy and Ryan is a "how" guy) has translated into success in the startup space. 

In case you missed it, here is the webinar where our founders chatted about their past successes (3x business partners), each other, business in general, and how their dynamic has to lead to success in the IT Channel. All of this is hosted and moderated by Director, Channel Dave Goldie. Topics that were discussed include:

  • Their backgrounds and history, or to keep to the superhero theme... "Their Origin Story."
  • The difficult lessons they learned, and the advice they would give to MSPs to help them overcome obstacles.
  • Their understanding of the dynamics of working together to create a successful environment. 
  • And "What's with the flamingos?!?" Oh, also Gradient's story 😉.

Watch below:


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