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📢 LegUp '23 is a wrap - thanks for making it so flocktastic! Award winners here. Replay videos coming soon.

Gradient + Mailprotector: 2022 in review

Our last (but not least!) community wrap-up is dedicated to our friends at Mailprotector.

We hung out together in 10 cities in 10 months: Boston, Orange County, San Diego, Miami, Cincinnati, Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas and Phoenix - what a ride! 

At every stop, the Mailprotector community showed us a good time - they listened as we shared the Gradient story, and in turn, told us their own. They shared pain points and successes and were warm hosts wherever we spent time together.

Says Colin Knox, Gradient CEO & Co-Founder, about the community: "Mailprotector will always be special to Gradient MSP, as the first channel vendor to build an integration with our Synthesize platform.  It's been a pleasure partnering with them this year not just in technology, but also the roadshow across the US where we met and engaged with so many impressive MSPs."

Thanks, Mailprotector community! We hope you enjoy our slideshow retrospective on the time we shared together in 2022.

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