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We believe that all MSPs deserve equal access to data and insights about their business.

Many industry reports are published by IT channel associations and vendors alike, which share statistics about how the market performs, with average growth and profitability rates for MSPs.  Sometimes, these benchmarks are coupled with staggering statistics about how the best-in-class MSPs perform in comparison.

When we ran our MSP, we started small – one person – and busted our humps day in and day out to grow the business.  When we talked to more successful MSPs, we learned that they were not "out-hustling" us; they were making better decisions than us, by leveraging their historical data.

With this newfound revelation, we realized that we had historical data, although not as much.  However,  we didn't have the resources or capacity to analyze, interpret, and understand the data, especially as accidental entrepreneurs who were technicians by trade, not business people.

Fortunately, we could get some help from an early client of ours specializing in business management consulting.  With a bit of support - and a whole lot of learning – it felt as if the fog had lifted.  We could see what we were doing right, what was going wrong, and where we should go next.  The next couple of years saw rapid growth, taking us to the $4M revenue mark.

Remembering our MSP's early struggles and how many decisions were purely best guesses (some right, many of them wrong), we experienced firsthand how valuable these data insights could be for any MSP.

Knowing that there is enough business to go around in any region, we believe that as a community, it is only right to ensure that all MSPs, regardless of their size, have equal access to data and insights about their business.

Not only does stronger competition help any business improve, but supporting our peers overall, elevates the industry and creates higher quality merger and acquisition opportunities.

Remember, a rising tide lifts all boats.

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