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The Data Monster Lurks

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The Data Monster Lurks

What business are you in?

Some would say the people business, and they’re not wrong. You run an MSP because you enjoy helping your clients succeed. To do that, you help them manage their hardware, their software, and protect their data. And you must manage your own as well.

Thus, you are in the data business.

The Data Monster Lurks

The amount of data the average MSP manages is staggering. It’s why the entire industry has found itself in the sights of cybercriminals the last few years. But real life malicious actors aren't the only threats your data faces.

The thing about data is this – you need data to survive, and when you master it, it can help you thrive. But data is a heck of a beast – a monster that hides under your bed or in your closet just waiting. The Data Monster lurks.

Like all truly potent things, the Data Monster can be your most powerful ally, or your deadliest enemy. Think of it like water. Water can quench your thirst and irrigate your crops, but turned against you it can also be a tsunami, an avalanche or an obfuscating fog.

The secret to success for every single company in the world today, yours included, is to manage data and get that monster working for you.

That journey starts with data hygiene, and continues with data equality.

Here’s the best part. MSPs and vendors alike benefit from both data hygiene and data equality. That’s what Gradient is here for – to use our knowledge of the MSP business to bridge the gaps in data for the benefit of everybody.

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