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We believe that MSPs deserve to make decisions based on facts, not assumptions or false pretenses.

As an MSP, when is the last time you were 100% certain about a decision you made? We mean a time when you had zero doubt in the advice or data that informed your decision.

In our MSP, we often asked our peer community how to handle a situation in our operation or get advice based on how they ran their companies.  However, we still lacked confidence because there was no way for us to be sure their policies and procedures were strictly enforced or had they even achieved the success levels they shared.

With the popularity of the MSP Subreddit and Facebook groups, it's getting better, and there is a wealth of information and advice available; some of it credible and some of it not. Let's be real for a second; with the anonymity Reddit provides, we still have no way to validate a person's credibility. Have they just started their own business with no experience, or are they at the helm of a multi-million dollar managed services operation?

On the other side of the decision tree, it also didn't matter if we were choosing a vendor partner based on their marketing information and (likely staged) product demonstration. Those decisions were never entirely sure, and we didn't have all the facts.

All business owners and even passionate employees have pride in themselves and their businesses, and we don't blame them for that – in fact, we applaud it.  However, the reality is pride often influences a person's willingness to share the unguarded truth.  Whether it means an innocent lie or a half-truth, we are all guilty of it.

Because of missteps taken in our MSP frequently fueled by assumptions or false pretenses, we believe that all MSPs deserve the right to know the facts when making critical business decisions.

These decisions can often spell fortune or disaster for MSPs and their owners' livelihoods.

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