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Our Leadership

Our leadership team is motivated by a desire to make the IT channel more prosperous, employing decades of experience operating MSPs from founding to exit, and extensive experience working with thousands of MSPs through running several channel vendors.

Colin Knox, CEO & Co-Founder

Colin Knox

CEO & Co-Founder
Ryan Barker, CXO & Co-Founder

Ryan Barker

CXO & Co-Founder
Rosalee Gordon, Chief Product Officer

Rosalee Gordon

Chief Product Officer

Stephen McDonald

Chief Financial Officer
Dave Goldie, VP, Channel

Dave Goldie

VP, Channel
Rene Gourley, VP, Engineering

Rene Gourley

VP, Engineering
Kelly Meyers, VP, Marketing

Kelly Meyers

VP, Marketing
Monica Guzzwell, Director, People & Culture

Monica Guzzwell

Director, People & Culture
Matt Topper, Director, Security

Matt Topper

Director, Security
Andrea Ayala, Director, Technology Alliances

Andrea Ayala

Director, Technology Alliances
Tim Coach, Director, Kickass MSP

Tim Coach

Director, Kickass MSP
Ashley Cooper, Director, Partner Experience Ops

Ashley Cooper

Director, Partner Experience Ops
Mary Signorelli, Director, Flamboyance

Mary Signorelli

Director, Flamboyance
Nicole Maxfield, Director, Operations

Nicole Maxfield

Director, Operations
Marie Davis, Director, Digital Marketing

Marie Davis

Director, Digital Marketing