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New Kids on the Flock

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Many of us look back on our first few years in the Channel and think: if only I'd done this differently! Or known about that key opportunity! It can feel like you’re trying to find your way all on your own.

Not anymore... 

Welcome to New Kids on the Flock. Our goal with this program is to create a community where channel newbies can learn how to avoid some common pitfalls and find success in the early years of their careers. 

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Morgan McBride, Channel Engagement Champion, Gradient MSP

Morgan McBride

Channel Engagement Champion, Gradient MSP
Kelcye Blankenship-Lackland, Community Coordinator, Quickpass Cybersecurity

Kelcye Blankenship-Lackland

Community Coordinator, Quickpass Cybersecurity
Taylor Thorson, Channel Manager, Connectbooster

Taylor Thorson

Channel Manager, Connectbooster
Chandler Sabin, Partner Identification Manager, Mailprotector

Chandler Sabin

Partner Identification Manager, Mailprotector

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Channel House of Horrors: From Terror to Triumph
October 31, 2022 - 10 am PT / 1:00 pm ET

In this Halloween edition of the NKOTF, we’re going back to the fun, dressed in our Halloween costumes!

In the spirit of the spooky season, we'll be sharing hair-raising stories from our time in the channel. We’ll share terrifying tales of horror (like missing a booth shipment or botching a presentation) and what we’ve learned from them.

Most of all, we’ll talk about how these terrifying mishaps are not our downfall, but rather learning opportunities. And they make great stories!

Afterward, we’ll do a round of “trick or treating” and go through our swag haul from the past month on the road.

Finally, we'll close out with a giveaway to a very lucky winner!

About your hosts

New Kids on the Flock is hosted by Morgan McBride, Gradient's Channel Engagement Champion, and features panelists Taylor Thorson (ConnectBooster), Kelcye Blankenship-Lackland (Quickpass Cybersecurity) and Chandler Sabin (Mailprotector). Each week, they discuss the exciting, fulfilling and sometimes challenging aspects of beginning a career in the IT Channel.

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