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A Flamingo and a Lion work better together.

We soar (and roar) higher.

Liongard is here. Automation and integration platforms collide, creating a cosmic shift in the channel.

Liongard now integrates with Gradient's Billing Module to automate billing reconciliation for Liongard partners

Watch a 5-minute test drive of the integration to see how it works


Facts? You bet.

Liongard inspectors
Hours saved every month
Billing reconciliation-related headaches

We take pride in what people are saying

  • In the past, billing has been a slow process. First, I have to wait for bills to come in and then I have to manually update customers in ConnectWise. But now, I’ll be able to catch any licensing issues before the billing goes out and correct it. So to me, this integration is fantastic!
    Aiman Iswaisi
    - Chief Technology Officer, Ripple IT
  • "We’ve already been through our first billing cycle and I’m eager to deploy more inspectors and creatively address other reconciliation needs with the use of custom metrics. In the end, the combined customization allows us to address unique situations. We all win together."
    Brandon Myers
    - CEO, IMS Solutions Group
  • "We really love the product and this integration. This offers an excellent experience and is exactly what we were looking to create on our own. We are thrilled at the possibilities this can open for us to automate our billing."
    Kevin Walker
    - Principal Architect, IMS Solutions Group

The Liongard integration allows you to connect product usage from metrics, so you can quickly reconcile services in Gradient's Billing Module

If you’re roaring at the thought of spending hours on monthly billing or are losing your flocking mind tracking users or licenses… you’re gonna like this.



If you're looking for a deep dive demo of how the integration works, this is it.

In this video, we cover:

  • The "before you start" requirements and recommendations
  • How you can leverage various inspector types
  • Some use-case scenarios to inspire you
  • JMESpath and how to automate billing reconciliation using super awesome, complex custom metrics!
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Watch our CPO Rosalee Gordon talking to Matt Miller, VP of Product at Liongard