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📢 LegUp '23 is a wrap - thanks for making it so flocktastic! Award winners here. Replay videos coming soon.


Tell Us What You Really Think: Join FlockTalk

We want to create kickass solutions that make your life easier. To do that we need your help.  

Welcome to FlockTalk. Here you can get useful information, offer valuable feedback, provide insights, and just generally let us know how we can improve our products to better serve your needs.


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What is FlockTalk? 

It’s a place where your feedback is not only appreciated but necessary. We want to give you the opportunity to request new features, vote on ideas you would like to see implemented, and let us know how we can improve existing solutions. 

Accessing FlockTalk 

To access the FlockTalk you must be a Gradient partner. Once you log on to your dashboard, just click on Phil and take flight.  

Navigating FlockTalk 

Once you are in FlockTalk, you can: 

  • Ask a question 
  • Leave a comment 
  • Vote on a feature you would like to see 
  • Suggest a feature 

Stop by the pond and hang out with us. We can’t wait to see you!