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Connect Gradient Tidy to your PSA of choice

Whether you use ConnectWise Manage, Datto Autotask PSA, Kaseya BMS, Syncro, or Tigerpaw, you just need to follow the simple guided wizard to connect to your PSA. Then sit back, relax and let the hamsters get to work.

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See where you landed on the scale of PSA data cleanliness

Once synchronized, each record will be analyzed, assessed, and rated with a level of confidence to its relevance. You will receive an overall data health score and a tally of what the dirty and stale data is actually costing your business.

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Click to clean and start seeing through the fog

Simply choose to clean the dirty data record or ignore the presented recommendation so it doesn’t prompt you again. Once you’ve made a decision, the action is carried out for you and dirty data becomes a thing of your past. Don’t worry though, you can still change your mind and undo any actions already performed.

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Here's what your MSP peers think.

Having clean data in my PSA is critical to avoid wasted time and money dealing with out of date or dirty records. Gradient’s PSA data cleaning solution will ensure records stay clean and will lower my lifecycle record cost of management from $100 down to $1 per record!

brian weiss
Brian Weiss, CEO, ITECH Solutions

When you have clean data, you’ll no longer have the problems that come with best guess decisions.  I know Gradient is going to make a tremendous difference with how clunky things end up feeling when there is data clogs or hoarding.

nancy sabino
Nancy Sabino, CEO, SabinoCompTech

Gradient has helped us clarify our data. This has allowed us to have true knowledge of our business, as well as a voice to state the facts since I no longer have to wade through all the excess irrelevant data in my PSA.

Patrick Murphy, Vice President, ISG Technology