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Erick Simpson understands the value of data-driven decision making. He built one of the first pure play MSPs, and has since become one of the IT industry’s most recognized influencers, thought leaders and strategic advisors. On Tuesday, September 7th, he sat  down with Gradient CEO Colin Knox to talk about the role that data plays in running an MSP – what data you need, and how to use it effectively, to improve all aspects of your business.
Erick and Colin will help you:
• Learn how to take a more structured approach to your business
• Understand the value of your data
• Make better decisions
• Become a truly data-driven MSP


While you're here, Colin's put together an ebook based on his experiences building a $4M MSP. He takes you through each step in the journey, highlighting the unique challenges he faced at every stage.

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Data doesn't have to be a dirty word.

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